About Selula

Selula Skincare approaches skin health and wellbeing in a holistic and natural way. This is a luxury, result-driven daily skin solution that promotes optimal skin health and wellbeing. Our formulations are scientifically designed with three pillars in mind: plant actives, vitamins, and aromatherapy. These ingredients are locally sourced at the highest quality to ensure optimal absorption, delivering nutrients at a cellular level, resulting in healthy looking skin.

Our formulations target hormonal imbalances that lead to a variety of skin concerns, giving you consistent and reliable results. All of our formulations are non-toxic and not tested on animals.

Our vision is to restore confidence and elevate wellbeing by using natures best helpers - Plants. To produce a result driven and unique skin and body care range making use of aromatherapy and bio active natural ingredients to restore problematic, hormonal imbalanced, young and mature skins.

Our products is scientifically formulated using natural extracts and high-quality aromatherapy and ingredients. Made by Cosmetic Scientists with an holistic approach to skincare formulation and production that is non toxic and not tested on animals.

We believe in sustainability by making use of eco friendly packaging that is recyclable and reusable.

All products are 98% natural, plant active and vegan friendly.

From the Founder, 

As founder of Selula Skincare, I have a simplistic approach to natural skincare. I am passionate about skincare and education. While being in the industry for one and a half decades as a qualified therapist and trainer, I collected many golden moments along the way. Experience has taught me that inflammation is a key contributor causing most of our underlying skin conditions today. I have a vision of creating something truly special for all skins types. Skincare that restores hormonal imbalances and problematic skin by using natures best helpers - Botanicals, Herbs, Roots and Aromatherapy. Providing restorative healing ranging from young to mature skin. Achieving and maintaining optimal skin health, that produces confidence resulting in elevate wellbeing.

Birthed in Cape Town, South Africa in 2021. Selula Skincare is a natural luxury range giving your daily skincare routine a sense of wellbeing your skin deserves.

Milinda Philander xxx