Serums Explained

Serums Explained


The question that is frequently asked, Why Serum? Why do I need one? I have one already? The thing is with serum, it is literally a little miracle in a bottle if you choose the correct one or the appropriate one has been recommended to you by a skincare professional.


So serums, lets get down to the bottom of this.


Serums are one of those amazing little helpers that will transform your skin from dull and grey to bright and glowing in a matter of minutes, hours and just gets better as the days progress.


Their small molecular structure is able to penetrate the skin way deeper than a moisturizer ever could especially when you looking for that "instant result" feel. Their function is to stimulate cellular activity within the skin, that will produce all the good stuff like collagen, and strengthen elastin to prevent those precious fibers of ours from snapping and creating even more fine lines that we do not want to multiply, but instead delay!

Serums treat targeted areas and no two serums are the same but it is important for you know where your skin is at. Assess what it needs and supplement it with a serum fit for you at that moment. Plant based serums whether it be oil or water based is incredible for your skin, once again keep in mind what your skin needs. But know that oils have been around for literally thousands of years - aromatherapy oils have a healing and restoring factor that is worth trying. Oils have so many vitamins, minerals, omegas and antioxidants in their molecular structures it is a "Powerhouse" remedy for good healthy skin for your face and body.


As mentioned, serums are target focused treatments. Here is a few and not limited to what can be treated by just adding a serum into your routine. Dehydration, dryness, pigmentation, sensitized skin, sensitivity, menopausal / hormonal imbalanced skin, oily skin, problematic acne prone skin and premature ageing.


How to use a serum within your routine?


Here is my guide to a daily AM and PM skincare routine suitable for men, women, preteens and young adults.

  1. Cleanse with Daily Cleansing Gel
  2. Tone with Brightening Toner
  3. Eye Serum ( Optional ) 
  4. Equilibrium / Restor' Serum
  5. Rose Quartz Guasha ( Optional )
  6. Eye Cream ( Optional )
  7. Moisturise with Hydra Moisturiser

Weekly Routine

  1. Daily Cleansing Gel
  2. Brightening Toner
  3. Exfoliate
  4. Brighetening Mask
  5. Eye Serum ( Optional ) 
  6. Equilibrium / Restor' Serum
  7. Rose Quartz Guasha ( Optional )
  8. Eye Cream ( Optional )
  9. Hydra Moisturiser

Want happy skin? Add what is missing -  SERUM.  They are truly a little miracle in a bottle that will bring your skin so much joy, life and GLOW!


Yours Truly, Milinda x


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